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Noel Gallagher says Prince Harry is a ‘f***ing woke snowflake’ for ‘dissing his family in public’

Noel and Prince William apparently have a lot more in common than we thought…



Anthony Abbott / Flickr & Northern Ireland Office / Wikimedia Commons

Noel Gallagher has waded into the sticky Prince Harry drama by voicing his support and empathy for Prince William.

In a foul-mouthed tirade, the High Flying Birds frontman discussed the ongoing royal drama, which has seen Prince Harry swap life as a senior royal to uproot to sun-soaked LA with wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lilibet. 

In the new interview, Noel criticised Harry for ‘dissing his family in public,’ referring to his explosive allegations in appearances on Oprah and Apple TV’s mental health documentary, The Me You Can’t See

Rosario López / Flickr

He said: “But Prince Harry is coming across like a typical f***ing woke snowflake, f***ing a***hole. Just don’t be f***ing dissing your family because there’s no need for it.”

In a jibe at Meghan, Noel also added: “This is what happens when you get involved with Americans. As simple as that.”

He then expressed his support for Harry’s older brother William, noting that he understands exactly how he feels: “Prince William. I feel that f***ing lad’s pain.

Mark Jones / Wikimedia Commons

“He’s got a f***ing younger brother shooting his f***ing mouth off with s*** that is just so unnecessary. I’d like to think I was always the William.”

This isn’t the first time that Noel has publicly slammed Prince Harry, however – in a 2020 interview with The Matt Morgan Podcast, the musician discussed the campaigns that the royal couple have launched since stepping down from their royal duties.

He said: “Prince Harry, surely no one takes him seriously? He’s just a mad little kid.”

Referring to the Duke of Sussex, Gallagher added: “I don’t like do-gooders in general, they f***ing wind me up.”

Earlier this week, the royal couple announced the birth of their baby daughter Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, named after her great-grandmother the Queen, and her late grandmother Diana, Princess of Wales.


Driver fined for parking on M56 hard shoulder to avoid paying Manchester Airport’s parking charges

The driver had parked in the precarious spot to avoid paying Manchester Airport’s notorious parking fees



North West Motorway Police / Facebook & @manairportuk / Instagram

A driver has been slapped with a hefty fine after parking on the hard shoulder of the M56 while waiting to pick up family members from Manchester Airport.

The North West Motorway Police spotted a black Vauxhaull Corsa parked up on the hard shoulder of the M56 Airport Spur on the morning of June 18th. 

There, officers discovered that the driver was, in fact, waiting to pick up family members from the airport, and he was subsequently handed a Traffic Offence Report

NW Motorway Police

These offences carry fines between £100 and £300 and can result in between three and six penalty points being added to your driving licence. 

In a Facebook post, NW Motorway Police wrote: “ME41 stopped with a vehicle parked on hard shoulder of M56 Airport Spur waiting to collect relatives from airport. TOR issued.”

However, this isn’t the first time drivers have been caught out trying to dodge those airport parking fees.

In January this year, NW Motorway Police came across a vehicle pulling the same stunt and, back in 2019, Greater Manchester Police seized an Audi after the driver was found waiting for family members to land with no insurance and illegal registration plates. 

GMP wrote on Twitter: “Audi S3 was stopped on the hard shoulder of the Airport Spur. Driver wanted to avoid parking charges, collecting family. Spoken to by #ME54 who also noticed his illegal plates & checks revealed he also had no insurance! Vehicle seized.”

As it stands, it costs £6 for thirty minutes parking in Manchester Airport – the cost goes up to £12 for an hour, £15 for two hours, and £20 for four hours, according to its website

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The North West towns that could end up underwater because of rising sea levels

Global warming could result in a number of North West towns being fully submerged in the next thirty years



David Dixon / Flickr & Climate Central

A number of towns across Lancashire could be engulfed by sea water as a result of climate change, worrying new research has shown.

Global warming has been an issue for years now, having mainly been fuelled by man-made issues such as the burning of fossil fuels – coal, gas and oil – factory farming, the increase in livestock production and deforestation.

As a result of this, temperatures across the globe have slowly been rising, resulting in increasing sea levels and more severe weather conditions, with the world’s ice caps melting at alarming rates.

@explorelpool / Instagram

However, while melting ice caps may not seem to directly affect us here in the North West, Climate Central – a non-profit news organisation focused on climate science – has recently revealed the severity of the threat locally, LancsLive reported.

Their damning research shows that areas of Blackpool, Lytham, Fleetwood and Morecambe could be underwater in less than thirty years.

Other affected areas include Lancaster, Thornton-Cleveleys, Heysham, Preston, South Ribble, West Lancashire and Southport.

Climate Central

To detail the severity of their predictions, Climate Central released a series of maps with areas shaded red representing places that are lower than the local sea-level or coastal flood projection, according to the selected data.

According to the maps, in Blackpool, most of the area south of Central Pier, including the Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Airport, could be lost by 2050.

Inland areas including Common Edge, South Shore, Little Marton, Marton Fold and Squires Gate would also be impacted along with Fylde Industrial Estate, Blackpool Zoo and Marton Mere Local Nature Reserve.

Climate Central

Morecambe would also bear the brunt of the rising sea levels with Climate Central predicting that tourist hot spots would be flooded due to rising sea levels.

Heysham, on the other hand, would remain relatively unaffected with surrounding areas such as the Nuclear Power Station and Nature Reserve keeping their heads above the water (literally).

Though it is worth noting that these images are based on predictions if no cuts are made to emissions – they also do not take into account engineered coastal defences nor long-term dynamic changes.

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Woman furious after she’s kicked out of Wetherspoons for wearing ‘inappropriate’ top

A male member of staff allegedly compared her to the topless men he’d been kicking out all day



@mollie_wood / Instagram

A young woman has expressed her fury after being thrown out of a Wetherspoons pub for her ‘inappropriate’ clothing.

Twenty year old Mollie Wood had gone to The Back of Beyond Wetherspoons branch in Reading with her friend, Amy Lee, for some food and drinks after watching England’s Euros match against Croatia on Sunday, June 13th.

She said she and her friend were escorted into the pub by a female bouncer after showing their IDs and signing into the Track and Trace app.

However, as they were walking to their table, a male member of staff suddenly intervened, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports.

@mollie_wood / Instagram

Mollie, a tech worker, and her friend were walking through the pub when a male manager shouted for them to stop, allegedly telling them that they can’t come in and that they’re dressed too inappropriately.

When Mollie asked why her clothes were inappropriate, the manager, who is believed to be in his thirties, informed her that he’d been kicking out topless men all day, and that her top was small enough to be classed in the same category.

Despite Mollie and Amy quizzing the manager over whether there was a dress code, they apparently couldn’t get a straight answer.

Mollie later looked into whether Wetherspoons actually maintains a certain dress code, but claimed that she couldn’t find any reference to one.

@mollie_wood / Instagram

She also said she had already been served in that pub earlier in the week while wearing the exact same halter-neck top, pictured above. 

The women later returned to the pub to complain about how they’d been treated, but Mollie claimed to be met with only more rudeness by the staff members. 

A Wetherspoons spokesperson has since addressed the incident, saying: “Shortly after entering, the customers were politely asked to leave the pub as, on consideration by the pub’s management team, their dress was not, in this particular case, in accordance with the company’s guidance to pubs on appropriate customer dress.

“What may be considered appropriate dress is invariably a matter of individual judgement and whilst no offence was intended to the two customers by the request to leave the pub, we support the approach of the pub’s management team in this instance.”

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